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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  December 31, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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jeans jeans jeans. >> we are going to start in new york. these are live picture from times square. the ball dropd drop is upped way. we want to show you ringing in the new year in new york city. as it happens liv live. [applause] 2011 has begun on the east coast. said to be a ton of con pet any times square tonight. much bet than the snow they had just a few day ago. it's cold in new york but the weather has cooperated for about 1 million people who are in times square tonight. more than 1 billion people around the world are
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watching the very picture you are watching rate now in more than 190 different country tuned in to the famous ball drop at times square. that tradition dates back to 19 04. originally the ball ties the mayor time tradition of light houses with the new invention of electric try advertise at the time to show the latest technology to the entire world. this year ball that you saw drop is nearly 6 tons. 12 feet in diameter. 32,000 led light more than that actually. being used as an environmentally friendly way and cost effective way to light the manhattan sky line and show off that great ball. there's mayor bloomberg in new york city. 2011 under way on the east coast. we wanted to show that to you live as it happens. >> all right good evening. happy new year. i'm dan. we are still 3 hours away from rippinging in 2011 here. the bay area biggest celebration of course is in san francisco along the embarcadero quarter of a million people are expected there. some of them
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are there now. gathering. getting ready. you can see they are trying to get there as they fight the traffic to get into the city. this is a live picture of traffic completely backed up. bay bridge toll plazas as you can see. slow going trying to get in the city but they still have 3 hours left to ring in the new year in san francisco and see the fireworks display weather cooperating. let start our coverage with john live on the embarcadero. quiet behind you. >>reporter: yes dab. the traffic and crowds are starting to pick up and so is the rain. we have been seeing some sprinkle off and on. embarcadero is open as is market street. whereas you is a i 250,000 people are expected to watch the big fireworks show at midnight. item a new years eve tradition along the embarcadero. barricade going up to keep revellers out of traffic. and family getting in one last p.e. haven't before the new year. >> item safer these days. rat
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spend the daytime with the family and friend and then uses head back to the house later on this evening. safer at home. >>reporter: she's here with her god daughter tanya jones new year's eve birthday girl who turned 9 today. you get to stay up past midnight. >> i get to watch fireworks on tv. >>reporter: keith of man teeing a started san francisco tradition. >> our second year coming to ice skating and embark daivr 0for fireworks. it's awesome. this is excellent time of year. fireworks are outstanding. >>reporter: another tradition is colliding with new year's eve this year. critical mass which rolled out of justin plaza at 6:30. >> new year's eve flavor in any way. >> about we'll have to wait and see. we don't know. nobody leads this. >> probably be over about 9:30 or so or 10:00 and with the rain might even be over earlier so i really don't see the critical may being an issue for us tonight. >>reporter: to prevent trouble the city also put up
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fens around the giant sculpture on the embarcadero as well as alongside the bay. this is a big night for hotels. high at reports occupancy at 98 percent with an up take off guest who live within driving distance. >> we haven't done that in a long time and we are tired of driving and such a beautiful place and so much to do here. in the city. >>reporter: this is the third new year eve for the of roast house one of 2 newer restaurants on the what the front. last year it had a band and just cocktail. this year 2 full dinner seatings. >> first year we have done a seating of full dinner. i hope i know it's a successful event. we have about 350 reservations for this evening. lacking forward to the midnight bang. >>reporter: well critical mass apparently was over. about things ended without any trouble but san francisco police have saturation squads on motorcycle and on foot in areas like union square and broadway to keep traffic from getting clogged up. live on
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the embarcadero, abc 7 news no one behind me doing anything issued know about. >> no you are good. >>reporter: knuckle head. >> no. no. >>reporter: always wonder what is going on behind you. >> no the knuckle head left you alone for the moment. happy new year my friend. all right. will the weather hold until midnight? key question for anyone wanting to see the fireworks. spencer is watching radar very closely. i know you wish you had better news. >> i wish i had better news also dan. actually we do expect to have some rape around midnight. right now live doppler showing some patchy light scattered rain around the bay area. threat a closer look a little bit rain moved over to the east bay right now. hay word and san ramone around fremont and up to the north bay and out towards the delta we see little patches of light rain as well. saint helena, napa fairfield american canyon light rain rate now and there is snow falling in lake county north of clear leak right now. snow in the higher elevation up around nice here and rainfall in the lower elevation. start our forecast animation 9:00 o'clock
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tonight. and over the next 2 hours we see the rain expanding and becoming agent heavier and more concentrated by midnight it lacks like yes it's wet but that won't dampen spirit. more to come. i have the complete forecast agent bit later. >> very good spencer thanks very much. see you in a few mini. >> is in way toen the new year for people pushing for it. it's official. san francisco gets the america cup. item the oldest trophy in international sports. item expected to bring in roughly 1 billion dollars to the bay area. more now from mark matthews. >>reporter: on fisherman wharf the owner of grotto no. 9 says the cup races will be a boone. >> bring a lot of people into the city. it will be a lot of public lists ty for the city. good for the wharf. >>reporter: next door kevin imagine patron lining up for the window table to watch the action. >> about 20 or 30 percent more. that much. >>reporter: operators in the bay tour boat say months of racing in 2000 13 could interfere with their regular
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route but who cares. >> i think there would be some people that want to go on the boat to get closer to the yachts. so i think it would definitely be good. >>reporter: horn blower party yacht figure item bet than anything they have ever seen. >> it will be huge. i wouldn't be surprised if it doubled our business in 2000 13. >>reporter: st. francis figure business could increase 20 percent. spokesman for the fairmont said at least 10%. >> bring the world spotlight on san francisco as a destination which is priceless. >>reporter: projected revenue of the america's cup in san francisco bay are 1.2 billion dollars. that's what san diego was promised when the cup was held there and actual figure was about half that. san francisco native paul car is a 6 time america cup veteran. he's the ceo of the team from sweden. that will be competing in 2013. he says the cup does hold potential of a huge economic benefit. >> each team has about 100,
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100, 120 people on the team. a lot of them have family v. to come here and lodge themselves and for 6 month period or maybe a year. maybe a couple of times 2012 and 2013. >>reporter: and then there are the sponsors. and the corporate oh, by at that time. when virginia licenseia spain hosted the cup the economic impact was 2 billion euro at the golden gate yacht club members are just happy they will front row view. mayor newsom issued a statement saying the city is ready to work right away in 2011 to deliver on this remarkable opportunity for the city and the america's cup. speaker of the house 19 pelosi has congratulated the city calling san francisco a perfect place for the next regatta here at the golden gate yacht club they prepare for a new years eve party but perhaps because of the snafu early this afternoon we have yet to see the commodore. at the golden gate yacht club, this is 7 news. the alameda county da office will not appeal a judge
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ruling that reduced the sentence of former bart police officer messerly. messerly was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in grant shooting at oakland fruitvale bart station early on new year's day of 2009. messerly testified he thought he was firing the taser. instead he shot grant if the back with the begun. the judge in november threw out a charge that jurors had added. grant family attorney disagree with that decision. >> i think wrong on that but in terms of going up on appeal it's very difficultt appellate court would say it was an abuse of discretion and no basis in fact for that decision. >>reporter: that enhancement would have added 3 and 10 years to messerly sentence. he has about 5 months left to serve now on a two year prison stem sentence as a result of his conviction. l south bay homeowner could face charges for shooting someone on hads property. the legal issue for everyone is how farakkhan we go to protect our homes and families. the shooting took place in the back of a home on
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patio drive near meridian. sue thompson has the story. >> it was the noise outside that woke richard about. >> about 3:00 o'clock i heard somebody trying to get in our front door. >> man outside was rattling the door knob. he ran to the locked door and called 911. >> i saw a young man approximately seemed to me in distress because he was approximately probably intoxicated. >>reporter: the man left wandered to a curb and then took off. but about an hour later and few doors down more problems and gunfire. >> he fired his firearm from inside the residence outside to the individuals. >>reporter: homeowner who lives here told police he fired multiple shot through a window into had back yard at whoever was pounding and banging. he tells police someone was trying to break in. >> he was able to look from the inside of his residence outside through some french glass doors and see 2 what he
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said was hiss 2 individuals one of them appearing to be armed with a silver handgun. >>reporter: the second person disappeared. now police must decide if the home own was justified in using deadly force. >> unless there is an actual forcible unlawful entry, the homeowner can be in some legal jeopardy. >>reporter: legal analyst dean johnson says it is a tough call but in california you just can't shoot anybody that comes that your back yard. >> deadly force can be used only if self-defense when someone is in imminent fear of either death or great bodily injury. >>reporter: and the investigation isn't over. in the coming days san jose district attorney office will review the case to determine if that homeowner was justified in shooting the i hope trieder and if he may face charges. in san jose, few thompson abc 7 news. >> last day of 2010 coming up the latest high tech company
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talking lay off. south bay woman heart broken over her stolen dog. she is offering her life savings to help find him. i don't want to move them around i want to blow them up. >> he had a 7 year run but like it or not the governor will not be back. tonight a look at his legacy. a/; pass pa. >> and ringing in the new year >> and ringing in the new year ancient japanese way. stay
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>> woman in hayward is offering a 5,000 dollar reward for the safe return of her treasured yorkshire terrier stolen from her car earlier this evening. 4-year-old yorky named monty was in her car parked outside macy. somebody broke the glass and took the dog. kim has had her dog since she was a puppy and she spoke with us this evening and she is visibly shaken. you will see. >> i really just want her back and i don't care who took her. i just, i'm willing to give all my savings. i have 5000 dollars and i'll give it to anybody who who will have her safely returned to me. please. i don't care who took her just please can you give her back? >>reporter: hayward police
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have asked to come to the station to give a statement. she's done that. and now about she is hoping security camera will provide some clue into what happen. she uses want her dog back kim obviously very upset about it tonight understandably. >> not far away in oakland. faith community police and family of murder victims join together to honor those this year and indicated this year and pray for a stop of wave of violence that plagued that community so terribly. vick lee has the story. >>reporter: every year for the past 4 years this church has placed a cross on the lawn for each person killed in oakland. greg's brought ramone had a cross here 4 years ago. today was the anniversary of his murder. >> new year eve today. 4 years today. looking at the cross just kind oft( remine me just how violent it is out here. something has to change. >> all of us working together as a community can certainly
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approximately reduce the number. ♪ pishtion father's prayers were answered this year. there were 12 fewer crosses than the year before. still, there were 92 this year. far too many. about this saver money on the last day of the year was his to honor the victims as the crosses were removed. among the name a boy only 16. his aunt was sheer with chapman family. >> time everybody come together as one. it is not, you have to start somewhere. >>reporter: those gathered today hoped it would start here. they want guns off the streets. they make the killings easier. >> too many guns and too many people turning to guns to resolve the differences.
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>>reporter: chapman was shot 12 times. age 16. >>reporter: his cross was given to his family. they were among many of the victims relatives who attended the ceremony. when it was over, the lawn was bare. again. this is how they prayed it would look every year. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> the new year celebrated japanese style at the asian art museum in san francisco today. [ chime ringing]. >> packed house for the annual japanese bell ringing stair money there. it comes from 16 century japan. it was struck 108 times to curb the 108 mortal desires thattorment
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mankind according to buddhist belief. >> interesting ceremony there of course. another way to ring in the new year. spencer is here to tell us how we ring it in in two hours and 40 minutes. >> yes. >> rain or shine. >> raintormenting us. that's for sure. maybe not. maybe some won't care because we are not expecting downpour but we'll get wet tonight we are outside. >> live view from the high definition east bay camera in emeryville west across the bay bridge. light spotty scattered rain around the bay area right now. not heavy rain. not anything very wide spread at the moment but it's likely to become more organized as we get later into the nighttime hours. right now live doppler shows the picture i described. light. spotty scattered rainfall. moved over to the east bay near hayward. san ramone. down to fremont area and up in the north bay out towards the delta we look at some spotty rainfall as well. nap a.unitville. saint helena and over east just agent bit to vacaville and fairfield. so
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here's how things will shape up around midnight. san francisco at pier 14 for the big new year's eve fireworks display. chilly. temperature about 45 degrees. we do expect rainfall at that hour. may not be very heavy but probably will be steady rain. right now we look at temperature readings mainly in the 40's although item a balmy 50 at san jose. to the highlights. rain increase this evening and overnight. areas of snow in lake county and rain continues that sunday so looks like pretty much a wet weekend. we have a winter weather advisory in effect for lake county and point northeast ward until noon tomorrow. we expect 1 to 2 inches of snow at clear lake and about 6 to continue inches of snow at elevation above 3000 feet and snow ice could accumulate on roadway like highway 29 north of calistoga and up to lake on interstate 5 up to northern sacramento valley up to chico and redding. look out for that if driving in those areas. the image of advancing cold front bringing us our new year's of
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rainfall. about we start our forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight with more rain as we have at the moment. more wide spread and more concentrated and as we get to that midnight hour and beyond we'll see rainy wet conditions right on into saturday morning but once the front passes through early tomorrow morning we get some break in the rain fall behind the front with just some scattered showers during the daytime hours but then overnight tomorrow night into sunday morning more rain comes in. steady rain heavy rain pretty wet morning and wet throughout sunday that's why we have mainly wet weekend. speaking of the weekend over in tahoe light snow or snow showers can be expected but not going to be heavy snow fall event so probably won't be any serious driving problems if headed out that way or headed back from tahoe. low pressures here in the bay area tonight. mainly in the 30's inland area. low 40's near the bay and near the coast and then tomorrow under shower conditions we see cool day high only in the mid upper
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40's in part of the north bay and inland east bay. low 50's elsewhere and we see low 50's generally down near monterey bay. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast heading into the first weekend of 2011. we look at showers and rain. rain overnight tonight. showers during the day tomorrow. tapering off then rain redeveloping tomorrow night. sunday. mainly dry weather monday through friday with a slight chance of rape on monday and slight chance of rain at the he said of the week. weekend pretty wet. >> okay. there we go spencer let me ask you a question if you were a pencil, i would erase that question. >> very good. i knew would he come one something. always does. always the point. >> couple tonight. some of the oddest interview questions asked this year. that being one of them. very good spencer. >> also come up tonight. get >> also come up tonight. get ready to pay more if you get a
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>> stock market closing bell sounded for the final time in 2010 and economy looking bet than it did at the ep of 2009. stocks bonds commodity and the dollar all posted gains during 2010. that's the first year that's happened since 2005. it is not all good news today however. there are reports that social network my space is planning significant layoffs that could affe perfects employees. report say my space owner news corp is looking for dra particular cost cutting measures to combat decreased revenue and traffic to the site. my space is not commenting. on the job front there is a lot of on line buzz about the most absurd job interview questions people have been asked recently. this one is from goldman sachs. if you
9:27 pm
were shrink to the size of a pencil and put in a blender how would you get out? that was for an analyst position. how about this one from google for a people analyst position. how many basketball cap you fit in this room? and just in case those are too easy this one. rate yourself on scale of 1 to 10 how weird you are. that's for an operations analyst job at capitol 1. rate how stupid the questions are from 1 to 10. >> when we come back tonight on 7 news at 9:00. film first. north korea sees the first western movie ever. guess which one it is. about. >> from fanfare to fiasco. look back at an tamultuous teen your as governor of california. and look at the lives we lost in 2010.
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another half hour3q
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>> good evening once again. here's a live picture of times square in new york city which just rang in the new year about 31 minute ago. crowd is slowly beginning to disburse. it has been there have been no significant problems that we know of. security was xaemly tight. thousands of police officers. snipers stationed on roof tops. crews sealed every manhole cover and removed newspaper box and every person went through metal detector as many as they times which added to a safe new year eve sell bra is in new york city. item our turn
9:32 pm
2 and a half hours from now. well as 2010 draws to a close governor schwarzenegger time in office is about to end after 7 yourself in office. pvl we are one of the few television journalist who cover him in sacramento full-time for the entire tenure. she looks back at what worked and what didn't. >>reporter: arnold schwarzenegger rode into office on a wave of optimism in 2003. >> con grat layings governor schwarzenegger. >>reporter: california voters hoping the political outsider could fix sacramento. >> every governor proposes moving boxes around to reorganize government. i don't want to move boxes around. i want to blow them up. >>reporter: at first the actor turned politician brought hollywood with him. using stunt to get his point across. lick the flood of red ink to illustrate sacramento pension to over spend and smashing a car how much he hated the car tack. he had early victory including bringing down worker come cost
9:33 pm
an getting approval for the economic recovery bond but then things turned south when lawmakers missed the deadline for his first state bump it. he resorted to name calling. >> i call them girly men. go back to the table. >>reporter: most budget since then also missed the mark. breaking the record twice for the latest spending plan ever which led to more name calling. >> kindergarten up there and point finger at each other. >>reporter: in the spirit of compromise when clear the recession wasn't going away to end one of the longest budget stalemate swart neglect broke a campaign promise to never raise taxes. agreeing to the largest tax hike in california history. >> if you think that you can do this budget without any increase in revenue then you have a big math problem. >>reporter: some of the biggest cut ever to public school and social programs were also part of that package. making him unpopula unpopular. bipartisanship was short lived when attempt to
9:34 pm
rebalance the budget failed. and state had to pay the bills with i o u the third time in state history. >> sad story. they have known for months now that the deadline is june 30. >>reporter: schwarzenegger relationship with voters was just as hot and cold as it was with lawmakers. in his early days he offended nurses who protested proposed changes to job regulation. >> special interest don't like me in sacramento. because i'm always kicking their butt. >>reporter: that led to huge rejection of first attempt in 2005 to reform government about favorite avenue the ballot box. rather than working with the legislature. >> if i would do another terminator movie i would have terminated and travel back in time to tell and not to have a special election. >>reporter: voters though for gave him enough to not only reelect him but also help him see men his legacy. they approved a 50 billion dollar bond package to improve infrastructure and jump start
9:35 pm
high speed rail. he was he was the only governor in decades to be able to hammer out an agreement to address the state what the needs. >> we set forth a very bold vision for the future. >>reporter: in california about finally approved the political reform he says will help elect more central politician through open primary and district lines drawn by ordinary citizens. >> hi no idea it would be as difficult. that it would take that many years to do and that you have to good through all kind of battles and mine field and days feet. >>reporter: governor believes the biggest victory during the tenure was signing a landmark global warming law dramatically cuts green house gas emission in california. >> one of the things that i'm most proud office ab 32. of course it's controversial. some people don't like it. >>reporter: in the end schwarzenegger didn't blow up the box. california bond debt tripled since 2003. state work force jumped by 10%. and california paid almost 1,000 dollars more in taxes last
9:36 pm
year. when he has the reign over to jerry brown he may write a book and continue effort despite global warming. could even end up with with a polling in the obama administering. in sacramento, abc 7 news. approximately button this up. we have not seen much of the governor the past couple weeks or so but still very busy hib the scenes making more than 200 appointment to boards and commissions and office says he's still more to make over the weekend. mid-air collision between small plane and medical helicopter in western virginia killed 2 people on the plane. helicopter somehow managed to make it down safely. it was damaged. 3 people on board are okay. and need to pay for air ambulances is why it is going to cost us all more if we get a traffic ticket. starting tomorrow first day of the new year state adds 4 dollars to the price of every ticket. short fall in medi-cal funding led to the medical helicopter program being under-funded.
9:37 pm
another law taking effect tomorrow opens the door to second potential revenue stream allowing city to install camera on street sweepers to catch parking violations. even so it is unmostly clear how many local agencies plan to actually take advantage of that new law. couple of them going on the book tomorrow. lieutenant. is the world ready for 7 billion people? getting the message bout a milestone for 2011. >> consigned to the trash. still ahead. most over used word of the year t,@
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pillsbury crcent pizza pockets. with jt a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner. they're crescents for e other 364. try em tonight. >> people in north korea seen the first western film ever in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the country diplomatic relation with grit britain the state channel air the british comedy bend it
9:41 pm
like beckham. the movie was altered. two hour film was edit nude a one hour broad ka and featured a message about north korea relationship with britain. the world population is on the verge of a mainly milestone. national geographic put out this message about the world marking its 7 billth person some time next year. it is worth noting it took nearly all of human history to get to the 1 bill mark. but just 50 years to go from 3 bill i don't know to receive billion. >> and while our population will grow dramatically in the new year the world lost prominent people in 2010. we'll look at those who passed away this year. ♪ .r
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>> today i have the honor of being the la to say mom i really, really love you more.
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>> some of those we lost this >> some of those we lost this past
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>> one university is taking the time to do away a whole host of of used misused and annoying words. here are a few of the newly banned words at michigan lake university university viral. the school also thinks there's no more wow! factor and people should stop having aha moment and they ate i'm just saying. and man up. just a few other words they want banned. in the new year. let go back to spencer. we'll two from aha moment to uh-oh moment. >> i'm just saying. here's a
9:50 pm
lack at some of today high pressure. pretty cool day. chilly in fact in some spot high reaching in the 40's in the north and east bay. low 50's everywhere else and that cool day is going to be followed by a wet night developing now as live doppler 7 hd. rate now we look at widely scattered light rainfall around the bay area. close in the pen la and santa cruz mountain whether we see spotty rain fall at the moment and over east bay passing through the livermore area. here's what happen tomorrow. 8:00 o'clock in the morning we see fairly steady rain. item cooler than this as well. rain given way to showers. little break of sunshine here and there and mostly cloudy in the late afternoon hours then tomorrow night rain develops again and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. so rain overnight tonight and tomorrow morning showers during the day. rain tomorrow night. rain on sunday. just a slight chan of showers on monday. sunny and dry on tuesday wednesday and slight chance of showers again late in the week. all in all neck week looking pretty good but the weekend mostly wet.
9:51 pm
>> all right there we go. you are just saying. >> i'm uses saying. >> i'm just forecasting. >> about all the sports and warriors really manned up tonight. >> they d.they had a wow! factor of 10. >> we use them all. really irritating michigan. >> that's pretty good. >> warriors playing well to end 2010. could they finish the year? fourth win in 5 games. speaking of ending the year. item our year in review. giant won something big. trying to remember with a big trying to remember with a big wow!
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oe oe. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. you know the america cup race is come to san francisco as reported earlier this hour who is really paying for it. we look at the question. >> no tent no campfire no problem. length to which people are happily going for a california tradition. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but over to collin now and all the sport tonight. >> yes. warriors. finishing
9:55 pm
the year on up note. looking forward to 2011. they could be all right. assistant coach steve jump ship last week. left the team to joins his fat coaching staff in charlotte. he knows every play and every player tendency. an advantage in queen city. curry back home. went to high school and college in charlotte. played well. second quarter. tendency knocking down 3. he hit 4 in the game. up 60 half. now in the third. former warrior jackson driving. throwing down. had he 22 bobcat down 8. first rule of defense here guys. stop the ball. coach always told them that's too easy. of bobcat get within 2. ellis up and over. dj 25 for monty. 4 seconds left in the game. bobcat down 1. jackson wants to beat his old friend. barely caught iron. nix-knife warriors 4 out of 5. saint mary hosting hartford tonight. we pick the game up with just more than 2 minutes to play. why?
9:56 pm
because that's when our photographer was able to get to the game. call a spade a spade here. matthew hits the 3. he had 11 saint mary up by 22. on the other end morgan the pretty fade away. he's from marin. game high 26. saint mary holds on 87 to 63. >> forty-niner news to report. multiple outlet say team owner york will interview current v p trent tomorrow for team general manager polling and he's the front runner for the job. not surprising. meanwhile nfl network reports former ravens coach may take over as head coach. stay tuned there. let talk bowl game. back in the 80's notre dame versus miami washington dubbed the catholic versus the convict. we remember this right. 2 schools facing one another on the football field for the first time since 1990. sun bowl. beautiful el paso fir quarter. irish up 7 nothing. freshman reece to floyd 34 yards. 28 career receiving touch down most in
9:57 pm
irish history. they look lucky a team on the rise. canes look a team in difficulties array. 34 yards. irish led 27 nothing at the half. 33 17 is the final. notre dame finish the year with 4 straight victory. chicken filet bowl winner gate bucket of chicken. just kidding. first quarter. on the move. garcia. oh. about marcus. lit up. smith. 46 yards the other way. look at that again. about left the game. obvious concussion. he will be okay. late in the fourth 19 17 knowles. manual rolling right. finds ester licensing in the back of the end season. florida state. 26-17 champs. here we are. final day of 2010. just few hours left. so much has happened in the local sporting scene this past year. in case you have forgotten any of it here's reminder item our year
9:58 pm
in review. >> this is best moment of my life. fact. p.m. pennington. he has it. throw to fir. if he had a done it. he did it. about dallas if threw a per game. wow! if oh, no. hail mary for saint mary yv. now back. he's gone. hockey final 4. don't go say a bunch of stuff but don't tell him i said it. to me that's a rat. personal failure. busting it to the outside. touch down. raiders. they are pouring it on. unreal. el l way like type of run from andrew. watch him run over shawn.
9:59 pm
knock him over. look at it. then down the field. fires it up. got it. and the win streak is over. item over. approximately if you look up there approximately there's a very lonely flag. we want another one. here it is. struck him out. and for the first time since 1954 the giants are world champions. about do it again baby. san francisco i love you thank you very much. >> good stuff. >> great moment this year in sport. thanks. that's this edition of 7 news and for all of us thanks for watching. appreciate you being here on new year's eve. leave you with a look at new year's celebration from around the world. see you at 11:00. 3, 2, 1. happy new


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